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Creating Healthy Mankind.

Ayurcin Mantra

Through our routine diat,we should keep up our health. From Baby to grandpa, we wish to see healthy India. Healthy Mind in healthy body

Three districts in Maharashtra have reported 1,274 child malnutrition deaths in the past 10 months The three districts, are Nandurbar (662 deaths), Palghar (418 deaths) and Thane (194 deaths). “These cases have almost doubled in Thane’s Bhiwandi area despite a number of initiatives taken by the State government.

The photographs of affected tribal area are forcing us to think, rethink on this burning issue sensitively. We a team started working voluntarily focusing on the tribal area especially on the malnutritions. We have studied their food habits, food intake and deficiencies, diseases and deaths.

We have developed the food intake and food supplement to enrich their nutritious values. The food supplement was rich natural herbs with rich natural base. We have developed the checklist for the intake quantum and time durations. We have developed the medical facilitation to have the regular medical check-ups as the feedback.

We have observed and noted the junk food effects.We have also noted the junk drink habbit and its adverse effects Cold Drinks.

The project is all about the best blend of natural herbal milk and natural Indian herbs.


To achieve consumer satisfaction by providing quality products at affordable prices. To Create Comprehensive Research and Development work for various Ailments/Disease . Strengthen the health of the country.


To Establised the most trusted brand name in the pharmaceutical industry Providing new age solutions for the healthcare industry. Exporting our quality products.

Quality Policy

With fully dedicated QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control) departments, our products meet the international standards at any point of time.