Our Story

A Motivation

The junk food disorders and the malnutrition deaths was the motivation to start the work in to this domain.
Two years ago in 2016 AYURCIN BIOGENICS PVT LTD was established by Mr. Abhijit D. Panshikar and Mr. Milind Goswami.

Mr. Abhijit D. Panshikar being Partner of the Unit having 23 Years of Experience in Similar industries on various positions such as Production Manager, Marketing Manager,Educated, professional, and has gained sufficient training and has highly motivated for updating unit considering the demand from Market such as Domestic and Export Market, Doctors, Wholesalers, semi wholesalers, retailers, tourists and local peoples as well.

Since 2 years we are working restless with passion Its human service. When we are calling it as a "seva" it should be without any expectation and certainly from own pocket Nutritious food offerings to mother and child and improvement tracking, in consultation with the doctors.

Our Objective

Ayurcin wish to work under two Business verticals:
Food Segment
Healthcare Segment

Ayurcin has designed and developed food supplements, such that through normal food intake, Consumer should have satisfaction with rejenuvation, positivity and immunity.

Nutritious malnutrition

Today’s modern lifestyle encourages quick meals such as burgers, pizzas, fries, pastries, ice-cream and chocolates. These are loaded with oxidants. 90% junk food is harmful to human beings. It increases health problems like blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, constipation etc.

The nutritious natural herbs we are offering through the foods as a supplement. Herbal Milk and Herbal Chikki has started rejuvenating and activating the digestive systems. These food supplements are having full of iron and protein. Our team is getting the gradual and sustainable results. In the society too we have received the appreciation which was motivation for us to take a leap ahead. We have gained one high valuable thing and that is handling the nutritious malnutrition of the society.